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Welcome to Collegiate Corner

Welcome to our Fall 23 Initiates!!!

2022-2024 Collegiate Leadership Team

Connecticut State Facilitator

Washington DC State Facilitator

Delaware State Facilitator

Maryland State Facilitator

New Jersey State Facilitator

NY Metro State Facilitator

NY Upstate State Facilitator

PA East State Facilitator

PA West State Facilitator

Tri-State Facilitator

U.S. Virgin Islands State Facilitator

Help Our Collegiates Stay Engaged

Destination 22 is a campaign that financially supports our collegiate members as they try to manage the costs of getting an education and attending Delta conferences and events that provide exceptional professional development. Your generous donation will ensure our collegiate sorors are engaged in the business of Delta by helping them cover the cost of event registration, travel, and other expenses. We would never want a soror with the skill and desire to serve in a leadership position to be disenfranchised because of costs. Thank you so much for your love and kindness.