Chapters in The East

The Eastern Region consists of the states of: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,

New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Washington, D.C.

International chapter locations of the Eastern Region include: Germany, the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix and

St. Thomas), the Middle East, Southern Africa and West Africa.


Veronica T. DeLandro

State Coordinator

Amira Williams

State Facilitator

Fairfield County Alumnae

Sue Peters, President

Greater Waterbury Area Alumnae

Evelyn Knight, President

Hartford Alumnae

LaKisha Grant-Washington, President

Pi Alpha

Zoe Hopson, President

New Haven Alumnae

Paula Irvin, President

Upsilon Omicron

Zaria Rawls, President


Tasha Butler

State Coordinator

TyAnna Handy

State Facilitator


Carol A. Moses

State Coordinator

Nnedi Oguayo

State Facilitator

Alpha Gamma

Jada Grant, President

Annapolis Alumnae

Nas Afi, President

Baltimore Alumnae

Arlene Wongus, President

Baltimore County Alumnae

Monique Cephas, President

Baltimore Metropolitan Alumnae

Cynthia Horton, President

Cambridge Alumnae

Tara Newman-Bell, President

Columbia (MD) Alumnae

Wanda Nelson, President

Fort Washington Alumnae

Opal Moore, President

North Arundel County Alumnae

Tali Redd, President

Nu Rho

Makayla Smith, President

Potomac Valley Alumnae

Brooke Holmes, President

Prince Georges County Alumnae

Miriam Brewer, President

Princess Anne Alumnae

Dr. Kimberly Purvis, President

Tri-County (MD) Alumnae

Tracy Jones, President

Upsilon Sigma

Jordan Payne, President

Zeta Delta

Alex Sullivan, President

Zeta Epsilon

Kamria Wakefield, President


Roxann Cooke

State Coordinator

AudreyRose Wooden

State Facilitator

Boston Alumnae

Kathy Baynes, President


Samara Fair, President

Pi Iota

South Middlesex County Alumnae

Kendra Martin, President

Springfield Alumnae

Kimberley R. Strother, President

Xi Tau

Charity Daramola, President


Roxann Cooke

State Coordinator

AudreyRose Wooden

State Facilitator


Roxann Cooke

State Coordinator

AudreyRose Wooden

State Facilitator

Providence Alumnae

Pamela Hughes, President

Lambda Iota

Jamine Powell, President


Dr. Donna Marable

State Coordinator

Chloe Tyner

State Facilitator

Atlantic City Alumnae

Cydnee Pheonix, President

Bergen County Alumnae

Gerri Craig, President

Central Jersey Alumnae

Karen Culp, President

Delta Zeta

Qianah Heavens, President

Iota Beta

Jamilah Stevenson, President

Monmouth County Alumnae

Myra Key-Carter, President

Montclair Alumnae

Paquita Mason, President

Morristown (NJ) Alumnae

Kimberly Monroe, President

New Jersey Garden City Alumnae

Traci Benjamin, President

North Jersey Alumnae

Sharon Hardesty, President

Trenton Alumnae

Georgette Bowman, President

Upsilon Phi

Jada Porter, President

Xi Nu

Chloe Tyner, President


Randi Horton Gray

Metro State Coordinator

Tishara Jarvis

Metro State Facilitator

Albany (NY) Alumnae

Sharon Cates-Williams, President

Apalachin Alumnae

Gervlyne August, President

Bronx Alumnae

Althea Kitchens, President

Brooklyn Alumnae

Shawna GreenMyles, President

Buffalo Alumnae

Vanita Jamison, President

East Kings County Alumnae

Judith Joseph-Jenkins, President

Miranda Askew-Brown

Upstate State Coordinator

Stephanie Comer

Upstate State Facilitator

Queens Alumnae

Charelle Hassell-Gilbert, President


Kalin Elliott, President


Jacqueline Tyson, President

Rockland County Alumnae

Ouida Toutebon, President

Staten Island Alumnae

Yolanda Scott, President

Suffolk County Alumnae

Fatima Robinson, President


Dr. Monica Johnson Taylor

East State Coordinator

Kayla Willis

East State Facilitator

Allentown Alumnae

Tiffany Summerset, President

Chester (PA) Alumnae

Yolanda Hughes, President

Delta Tau

Aleisaha Ellis, President

East Pocono Alumnae

Yolanda Kelly, President

Epsilon Delta

Kamilah Bryant, President

Epsilon Gamma

Jillian Kerr, President


Daria Hatter, President

Norfolk-Plymouth County Area Alumnae

Lori Cawthorne, President

Nu Nu

Tynisha Mitchell, President

Philadelphia Alumnae

Penny Nixon, President

Pittsburgh Alumnae

Anita Walker, President

Dr. Chris White-Taylor

West State Coordinator

Kiara Smith

West State Facilitator


Andrea D. Williams

State Coordinator

Victoria Williams

State Facilitator


Denelle Baptiste

State Coordinator

VerNae Callwood

State Facilitator

Saint Croix Alumnae

Sana Joseph, President

Saint Thomas Alumnae

Shanika Charles, President

Sigma Psi

VerNele Callwood, President


Juanita Johnson-Archie

State Coordinator

Germany Alumnae

Shenita McConis, President


State Coordinator

Arabian Gulf Alumnae

Veronica Griffin, President